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Van Gogh Gin Review

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“Vodka Van Gin”

On the surface, when you first smell this gin, you will swear it’s a vodka in a gin bottle. Taking light inhalations of this liquid require deeper breaths as subtle charcoal notes come to life. This Gin reflects a blank canvas. It’s very clean smelling with not much going on. Light hints of Bubble gum, similar to whats left over on the wrapper, after the contents have disappeared.¬† 10 botanicals included on this, although without Travis’ super sense of smell; We’re lost at sea. Second Reviewer described strong sense of Rubbing alcohol.

From our research, Van Gogh Gin started out in 1997 as Luctor International with a single product called Leyden Gin. Soon after that, the product was replaced by Van Gogh Gin. This is a recipe found in the Schiedam Distillery, and can be considered smooth while reflects a dry Dutch Gin.

Entry point gets us with a sour note, like pungent ripe fruit than burns going down with medicinal aftertaste.  Tastes like a cross between bread and licking an envelope. Could be plastic bottle it was housed in, which came from a sample pack.

The Art on the bottle is indeed the Canals of Amsterdam. A place I’ve never been, but when Neil fills out his Dream Vacation, I’m sure we will go.

The glass bottle which is truly a work of art. The Bottle is made in Germany, then it is etched in France, silk screened in Belgium, and the Corks are Portuguese. Finally, the gin is made and bottled in Holland. It sounds like more work was put into the bottle than the actual gin. We could consider citrus but feel that it resembles more of a burn from the alcohol than actual flavor.

It’s tough for us to compare this to anything because we feel we are tasting a vodka that had botanicals added to it afterward. Now we could be wrong, and would love to have Van Gogh send us a bottle to compare, and this is the second time reviewing the product.¬† Third Times the Charm. After further thoughts were dedicated to this product, We came up with a revised rating.


  • Great Transition from Vodka To Gin
  • Beautiful Artwork on Bottle
  • Interpreted as Smooth
  • Aroma is non Confrontational
  • Would easily allow you to explore their other products



  • Doesn’t Taste like a Gin

Citadelle Gin Review

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“Gin Heard ‘Round the World”

The Surf of the High Seas hits you, as you explore the world all through a class. A sweetness opens up, letting the winds of the world take you on a transatlantic journey.¬† Every time you raise your glass to take a drink, it’s as if you are looking through a telescope to discover new land.

Tonight is forever, the land of the lost, you’re greeted by the reassuring natives, bringing your religion in a bottle. A message you’ve been trying to bring across for centuries.¬† Home and Dry.

Aromas entice your senses leaving you but a taste of things to come. Bouquet of Botanicals fill your realm, letting you know you’re not far off from Manifest Destiny.¬† A voyage that could last year’s, you’d want to bring a bottle of Citadelle Gin to keep your stories told. Has¬† more herbs and spices than the Kernel.

Fennel on the back end, but not too much to knock you overboard. Man on a mission. The Bottle is as beautiful as the gin. Truly, a work of art. One of the Cleanest Gin’s we have ever had. You’ll have to Blink 182 twice to make sure you’re not dreaming.

There’s so much going on, and it’s blended so well, you’d be shy not to try a swig or two of this Distillation of Wheat.

  • Crisp, Clean, Refreshing
  • Has something for everyone
  • Unlocks the Mystery of the martini
  • Naked Flame- No Steam Distillation
  • Gin Drinker’s Gin


  • How can you guarantee consistency with 19 spices?

North Shore Distillery Distiller’s Gin No. 6

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“Symphony Gin”

As soon as you uncork the bottle, quality greets you at the door. You know you are dealing with a world-class gin from the slight oily appearance on body. Just even slick to make it smooth.

The aroma can be smelled from a distance while it lies and waits to be embraced. Big, Bright Vibrancy of Cinnamon and spice, cloaked in lavender, deliver an enveloped love note, hitting each beat of our heart.

Peppery cross between allspice and black pepper catch your nasal passages, awakening you up from a dismissal daze of Vodkaphilia. This is an announcement to the world, a truly magic blessing when Preparation meets opportunity.

Complements of Ginger take you back to your childhood, remind us of a flavoring used in teas from around the world. The pepper cracks the door open, and lets the ginger roll in.

This is a complex gin, that would take a Freudian slip to explain. This gin has Betty Davis Eye’s.

Light on the Front end in taste, perfectly melded together, slowly warming in the mouth, and soothing down my throat into the belly of the beast. Pleasant aftertaste with a cooling effect, covering up the juniper but not overpowering. Consider this your Graduating Class of Gin.

We like this Gin, and it would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves gin as much as we do. If you want it done right, Acquire their Distiller’s Gin No. 6 and make a lasting First Impression.

Slight burn with spice, peppery linger, with coolant keeping you refreshed on a hot day. I could see sipping on a North Shore Martini, at a symphony discussing local culture and worldly travels.

Complex yet smooth, this has enough character to engage the audience, yet enough class to keep everyone entertained. The beginning is just as good as the end, as it leaves you wanting more.


  • Complex
  • Smooth
  • Ignition Factor
  • Excellent Martini
  • Experimental for Cocktails


  • Availability

Beefeater Gin Review

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“Textbook Gin”

Another day in paradise, your senses are alive, and there’s a smile on your face.¬† On the back end you sense a waxiness, that offers its self from the Seville Orange Peel. Heavy Juniper cloaked around your cape as the sun salutes you. The coriander in this concoction has a lemony-orangey Character which complements the lemon and orange peel. What makes this Beefeater different is that there is enough Juniper to go around.

Beefeater lends itself to create a presence all it’s own, something one can fairly sip knowing you are drinking gin. While the richness of the ocean is the juniper, the froth on the top of the sea is the coriander. The angelica root, which we refer to as wild celery, hangs out of your mouth, as a gentle touch is necessary to find that perfect selection.¬† It brings visions of dark chocolate aromas, that quickly fade as the tide rolls in. Think of dark chocolate truffle kissed running down your neck.¬† Angelica root is responsible for bringing the romance to your summer beach nights, as it ties all the other ingredients of love together.

Hints of licorice swell to your next adventure, not knowing where it might take you, but feeling relaxed all the same. Basking in the the glorious day of sunshine replenishment.¬† Knowing you are on an European¬† Beach lets the licorice candy run wild through your imagination. It’s a classic tradition that carries you away from day to night.

Almonds send you into Ecstasy bringing your lips closer for one last touch, and the closeness of Orris is not far behind, used in the world’s best perfumes. It’s the seductive quality that leads you on this ten ticket thrill ride, a roller coaster of emotion, that that is left in your mouth at the end of the ride.

Beefeater is a Gin that I could indulge myself in all night long, wanting more.


  • Classic Gin at it’s best
  • Phenomenal Value
  • Aromatic Ecstasy
  • Consistent Ambiance
  • Available Everywhere


  • I’m all out

New Amsterdam Gin Review

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“Citrus Explosion”

Heavy Citrus Notes escape out the glass like a glade air freshener permeating the room, much like the city air of New York. As Neal commented, it put him into a Florida realm of Pure Citrus Bliss.

I was suddenly taken back to sipping on mimosas at the Kentucky Derby, then this lead me to the cocktail, the French 75. The combination was said to have such a kick that it felt like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm howitzer artillery piece, also called a “75 Cocktail”, or “Soixante Quinze” in French.

French 75
* 2 oz. Gin
* 1 oz. simple syrup (or 2 tsp. superfine sugar)
* 1 oz. lemon juice
* Brut Champagne or other dry sparkling wine

Although this reminded much more of Citrus infused Vodka, then a gin, which would welcome Vodka Drinker’s with open arm’s yet Gin Veteran’s looking for more complex aroma and flavor’s should look elsewhere.

New Amsterdam claims that, based on a unique distillation method and precise flavor infusion, their gin embodies a uniquely smooth, crisp, slightly-citrus flavor.

Some Gin Purists¬† would not personally drink this straight because they are looking for a much more complex experience, but would recommend this as a base for any citrus heavy cocktails. Sometimes looking beyond the ordinary and into it’s potential yields some charming results.

When you go to there website, New Amsterdam Gin Recipes, you will notice the recipes reflect a theme of citrus experimentation. A Great Gin to have some fun with in the realm of mixing, and a grand introduction into a citrus themed spirit.

New Amsterdam’s marketing approach is targeted towards a younger generation of gin drinkers, looking to capitalize on the popular appeal of the “New York ideal” in addition to their claims on smooth and taste superiority.

In a realm monopolized by infused Vodka’s, This Citrus infused gin steals the show, offering the ability to compete with the fruity flavored vodka’s on the market. After a while, you forget you’re drinking gin, due to the overwhelming exposure of the fine citrus notes. Very subtle, Mint and vanilla surface after further analysis, noticed after taking the time to explore this gin.

The value of this gin is exceptional and this can be used in any bar where the creative magic of a bartender can surface.


  • Citrus Lover’s Gin
  • Easy to Drink
  • Fabulous Mixing Gin
  • Extreme Value
  • Great Introductory Gin


  • Not recommended for the Gin Fan, more of an infused Vodka Fan