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Knickerbocker Gin Review

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“Party Gin”

When opportunity knocks at your door, whether it’s a Dutch Explorer of a New World or an email in your inbox, you need to be willing to go all the way. Knickerbocker Gin does not disappoint as it has something for the settler, and the pioneer. From the Traditional Standpoint, you are allowed to experience Juniper Bliss, it seems very heavy on the nose. The Juniper satisfies the Gin drinker in a realm they are¬†familiar¬†with. Fresh Lemon Zest pops you in the face, which is subtle, like washing your face with cool water. It’s refreshing and feels very clean.

Exploring into the New World, you¬†receive¬†a warm welcome, with an incredible contrast of flavors, but not too overpowering, perfectly balance. This reminds us of the balancing act you see at the fair with multiple plates all held in harmony spinning with momentum. We also picked up hints of cinnamon, coriander,¬†cardamom¬†and orange peel which was quite nice.¬†Spiciness¬†toward the end that melts away like a¬†cinnamon¬†candy. Also, a bit of pepperiness which continues to ignite the taste buds. This is a gin that would pair well with food. I could see a lemon pepper tilapia, making me all smiles. There’s a certain creamy after taste that makes you want to drink more. While writing this review, I couldn’t stop drinking this stuff, a fine blessing in¬†disguise. ¬†This has the sophistication of a scotch, with the price tag of a well-rounded gin.

One Review said the bottle is the “Official Gin of U of I” and the Official Gin of the Chicago Bears” due to the color¬†scheme¬†we could agree.

The incredible thing about Knickerbocker Gin, is the ability to please both the traditional ¬†gin drinker and the modern day explorer. Their new design of the bottle does not fit in a rail, because it doesn’t belong in a rail. This is a Gin that is going to be the life of the party, the star of the show, and their cocktails will show this because of the complex balance of botanicals.

Below you will see not only the Gin Review for Knickerbocker Gin, but our interviews with the Master Distiller, Dennis Downing, and Rich Blair, Brand Ambassador of New Holland Brewery.

Without Brett VanderKamp, company co-founder and president, Knickerbocker Gin would not exist.

Without Knickerbocker Gin, We would not exist.


  • Clean, Refreshing, Satisfying
  • Traditional Taste with Modern Appeal for Versatile Cocktails
  • Easy to Drink, Fun to Mix
  • Well balanced; Something for everyone
  • We can’t stop Drinking this Stuff


  • Initial aroma might give some Ginphobes the boot.

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Cascade Mountain Gin Review

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“Fields of Gold”

While swirling Cascade Mountain Gin in the tasting glass, the sides  start to resemble the very mountains that are showcased on the bottle. Certain smiles are ever present, from the sight of the label, to the scent of the gin rising up as a rotation bring the flavor into the atmosphere to enjoy.The water is as pure as it gets, filtered through lava rock and charcoal to give it a clean and crisp revitalization.

Just the color alone is enough to make you curious about this gin, which uses hand-picked wild juniper, not extracts.

This gin brings me back to the days when I would explore Starved Rock, having adventure and wonderment at every turn. The unique color reflects on a new dawn in the age of Gin Distillation. A hallmark of gins. You smell sage knowing you are protected. Think of being able to drink from a sacred spring that has existed since the dawn of time. Truly something spectacular, putting your soul at ease.

Cascade Mountain Gin is everything Gin should be and a whole lot more. Not only do you get the essence of juniper in it’s purest form, you get the support from Bendistillery, who is confident they produce a superiour product. And I believe them. If you haven’t¬† tried Cascade Mountain Gin yet, you need to. If all else fails, take a ride on the Oregon Trail.

Well done, Jim.


  • Holy Grail of Gins
  • Worth it’s Weight in Gold
  • Remarkably Smooth
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Mighty Fine for Sipping


  • Rare

No. 209 Gin Review

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“Clever Passion”

From the moment you invite the aroma of No. 209 gin in, purity, cleanliness, and godliness say hello at once. So clean is this aroma, that it reminds me of the time we went to the Kentucky Derby Hospital for an emergency pit stop. I smiled while thoughts of horses galloped through my noggin, reminding me I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I knew I was in good clean hands.

Distilled 5 times and it shows, the smell alone is cleaner than most vodkas that I have tried. Light Ambiance glow from the gin allows the possibilities to be endless, as we are confident this gin mixes with anything. Look out mimosa, there’s a new gin and juice in town.¬† The taste of the water comes through in this offering sanitation that would make clean room blush. That’s the amazing thing about these new gins, they are recognizing the importance of having a purified water source as their base for perfection. I caught a hint of mint in this gin as I tasted it, and upon further research this is ” mint-like caradamom” which balances with the juniper well. Reminds me of Wrigley’s chewing gum at a cub’s game. Big Smiles Indeed.

This is a fun gin, that is hip, natural and appeals to the vodka drinker more than the gin drinker. The cleanliness is what sets this apart from most gins, as you can tell the passion went into this product from start to finish.


  • Mixologist’s Dream Come True
  • Process of Gin Down to a Science
  • Soft Approach to Gin
  • Ignites the senses
  • Winemaker’s Passion


  • More potential for Mixed Drinks than Drinking alone

Seagram’s Distiller’s Reserve Gin Review

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“Boilermaker Gin”

Boilermaker’s rejoice as this product is made with Indiana-Grown Grain, the bottle shows it’s true colors. Platinum Blonde Aroma of a Dance club; Let’s us see what the night has in store for us.

Slow sipping arrives to complement an after rush of flavor. There’s a Parade in my mouth, and I’m leading it!

Cool, calming night’s slip away relaxing in my hammock with a sweet smile of simplicity. Aged in Oak, smooths this delicious blend out, with silent hints of pleasure.

What makes this gin unique is that it is aged in oak as well as a vacuum distillation process. First, the oak aging process not only smooths out the gin, but gives it a light blonde color. Secondly, The unique distillation allows much lower temperatures which results in much flavors retained. This combination is a recipe for greatness.

Enough taste to provide refreshing tastes of reflection, and an eternal conversation of reinforcement. This is a relaxing gin to melt the night away, enough to carry yourself into a connection with chemistry.

It’s like climbing stairs, one step at a time, going through layers that compliment each other very nicely.

What Seagram’s offers is a railing, helping you climb each step of the way as illustrated on their textured bottle. There is no way you are going to drop this bottle, from the brightest day to the blackest night. Drum’s booming, trumpet’s blaring, scoring touchdowns, this gin is with you, everywhere you go.


  • Bottle You’ll Never Forget
  • Widely Available
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Perfect Party Mixer
  • #1 Selling Gin in the States


  • Hangover You’ll Never Forget

Logo and Header Contest for

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