G’Vine Floraison Gin Review

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“French Connection”

From the French Rivera to Madonna’s Modern Explosion, this gin has it going on. It’s a designer Drug, one that fulfills that prophecy that all things french are good. We have been on a winning streak with French Gin’s lately, and when we revived this sexy, free spirited femme, it turned heads. Not so much because it was made from grapes or  it had a romancing flavor profile, it was just different. It had the juiciness of a foreign exchange student and a exotic behavior that made us want more.

Hypnotic notes of fragrance like high end perfume, make you want to delve deeper into this small batch catch. This welcomes summer and all great things it brings. It  reminds me sitting in school, with the girl in front of me showing off her sun dress, letting her scent wrap around me like sweet bread and sugar. I want to get to know you better.

The Tasting sheet on the website featured here is one of the best we have other seen. This is a road map of success because it allows us to trace our natural roots to unexplored territory. It allows us to become experts in navigating the French Channels and allow us to speak the secret password to gain entery to France’s Best Kept Secret’s.  Think of a french Bakery run by nun’s with Father Kline Spreading the good word. Hand made, Home made, no hostel-lity here.

A summer home vacation spot that reminds you things are better here, but saves the snobbery for the product as it puts much other brands to shame. I’ve always have an affinity for anything french, especially an exchange of conversation, although my tongue bleeds English, my heart belongs to France.


  • Quality in a Exquisite Car Ride wrapping around the countryside
  • Seductive aroma reminds you of interactive perfume
  • juicy grape goodness with high end value
  • Let’s you know your best work is ahead of you
  • Conversation starter


  • High Price For Fine French Fashion

Magellan Gin Review

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“Epic Admiral Gin”

Normally, colored liquor can put off even the boldest of explorers, not so with Magellan Gin, who displays his creditions proudly. Because this Adventurer’s tale begins many moons ago, his legacy lives on.

We love gins that pay special attention to their water source because it shows the unique difference in quality and caring. Magellan Gin filters this beautiful spring water through grande champagne limestone resulting in a clean, crisp soft taste. It’s to this smoothest that lets us reign from sea to shinging sea, letting all that board ship with Mr Magellan that Land Ho is but a Voyage away.

Color and complexity display while looking at the swirling waters as they suck you in like a vortex. What secrets lie underneath the depths of this great ocean? I could see going out sea on a transatlantic epic run, and carrying a flask of magellan to make those cool nights sooth away into whispers of sea faring londoneers. The French are on to something here, disregarding the Status Quo of normal swashbucklers.

The aroma reflects on days of travels to the “spice islands”. You literally feel history in the making as this cool spirit washes ashore, flowing down your throat and into your belly. I get visions of standing on a ship with the sun coming up, birds in the sky, signifying we are close to our destination.

The Iris Root is what makes this over the top good, when drinking this you get reincarnation flashback of new land discovery, pillage and plunder. But Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a direction.

The aftertaste is an added bonus and is what really sells this home to mama queen, who has financed your expedition. The draw is sophisticated to stand up to Scotches, Fun enough to take on the Vodka party girl, and it takes two to tang0 with Tequila.

From Beginning to End, Magellan Gin is an adventure not to be missed out on


  • Concoction of spices
  • Brings back memories of Deep Sea Exploration
  • Longlasting breaths of Greatness
  • Blended well from all around the world
  • Statues crumble for this gin


  • It’s own worse enemy