What is the Best Gin?

Have you ever wondered what is the best gin?

What is the best gin?

What is the best gin?

When I tell people I have a Gin Reviews Website, the most common question I am asked is What is the best gin?

Well, it depends on what you consider the best to be.

As everyone’s tastes are different, there is no sure-fire way to gauge¬†unless you have criteria¬†to measure

What is the best gin?

Criteria for Gin can go as follows

  • Visual
  • Aroma
  • Entry
  • Mid
  • Finish¬†

Here you are using all of your 5 senses.(and possibly a 6th sense which we will discuss later).

The Visual Element plays an important role because you not only see the bottle firsthand, but you get to see what’s poured into the glass. This can give you an insight to the quality by examining the legs and the clarity of the product. The term “clear as glass” applies here. You may think that all gin is clear, but alas, you would be quite surprised when holding mutliple gins next to each other and seeing just how much comparable clarity they have.

The next category  is Aroma, which some say is the best way to evaluate a product because it depicts the clearest interpretation and gives a notable first impression. Often, when I try a gin I have never had before, I take some time to inhale the scent and evaluate it in my mind. Sometimes, when you smell a product it does not carry the consistency of how it tastes. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on if your betting to get what you pay for.

Moving on to Entry, this is when the spirit touches your mouth for the first time and but a few seconds will register different sensations and flavor. Think of this as your first kiss, it’s a lot to take in but try to go with the flow. The Entry should begin once you feel you have enough information from the inhalation of pure bliss gin.

Some questions to ask are:

  • Does the alcohol overwhelm the experience?
  • How does the taste reflect the aroma?
  • Was this what I thought it would be?

Next in line, is Mid, which is a transitional stage to allow the full flavor profiles to divulge their secrets. Think of it as the climax of a rollercoaster ride just before it finishes out. It is here, when most gin’s can be thought to attract or deny the drinker, and one can really tell the tale. Make sure you wait for it, not to rush through. This goes for trying to hurry to the finish or jumping through hoops during the mid entry. Just let it happen naturally.

Finally, the gin ends with its Finish.¬†This brings us to our impressions that are finalize and a concluded outcome that starts to come together. From our experience, we have seen gin’s that are wonderful going in, so-so midway through, and fall flat on their face at the Finish. Don’t let this happen to you.

There is one sense we haven’t discussed and that is the Sixth Sense. Also know as ESP, involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical¬†senses¬†but sensed with the mind. ¬†A Gut reaction we¬†receive,¬†that is a collection of the overall experience and enjoyment. This is important because sometimes things are right as rain or don’t smell right. Gin tells a story and if you can bring that out of the glass and into your mind, Great things will happen.

All in All,

What is the Best Gin?

is an inquiry that has sufficient merit and weight when being addressed properly.

After all, What would F. Paul Palcut¬†say if you told him “Bluecoat is the best gin?”

Let us know how you feel about What is the Best Gin? in the comments below.

Twelve Angry Gins Results

We thank all participates for their patience and perseverance.

Special Recognition to the 3 gins that were able to take home our Ginreviews.com Seal of Approval.

Twelve Angry Gins are a collection of a dozen gins that are up against each other for our Seal of Approval.

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin Review

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin a unique approach and we commend you for stepping out of the tradition by offering us a savory ginger, Cinnamon juicy fruit.

YouTube Preview Image

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

“Ginger Gin”

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

is Big, Bold, Bright and Spicy, something that just screams adventure.

Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin

has a little bit of stoney side to it when the aroma hit’s your senses. We admire the way the flavors were blended and using botanicals from the area with Greenbrier Gin. Ginseng makes us more curious as an after thought provoking ingredient. This is a distillery that is not afraid to try new things.

The videos displayed on youtube give you an insight that they discussed placing ginseng into their product. It’s a curious dilemma indeed and where do you draw the line, striking the right balance between overwhelming and indulgence.

I can’t help but think of Chief from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” when he is offered Juicy Fruit Gum.

It’s just a part of me that I can’t let go. I would love to witness the ingenuity with this gin in ginger based cocktails, as it could lend itself to Asian appeal in a sushi environment.

The water and ingredients seem to be under control with a sweet vibrance toned properly to allow massive consumption. Personal touch on the bottle with hand written records, an aspect we love!


  • Remarkable Creation to New Gin
  • Trail Ride Gin
  • Good till the last drop
  • Proper Balance of Sweetness and spice
  • Pleasant Aftertaste


  • If you don’t like Ginger, Stay away from Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin .

Twelve Angry Gins are a collection of a dozen gins that are up against each other for our Seal of Approval.

Comment below about what you think of Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin.

Glenmore London Dry Gin Review

YouTube Preview Image

“The Sangria of Gins”

When is the last time you had something that over-delivered? We are talking about a product for 6.99, also the number of the beast, that truly stands out as an All Star Value.

This product is Glenmore Gin, it mixes well with fruit juice and soft drinks, and we are dying to have it in a custom made Sangria.

You just taste pure value that could get you into a little trouble if you’re not careful, but that’s life. In these tough economic times when you have Champagne taste on a shoe string budget, look no further than Glenmore London Dry Gin.

It seems a little displaced ,which could be used to play off it’s loud range, and it has a little bit of chalkiness that reminds me of charcoal. Could be that it is coming from Bourbon Country and some of the charred oak rubbed off on it.

I’d be willing to go all the way with this gin in a mixed drink provided the other ingredients were of high quality and worked well together. This is the good ole boy gin, what you see is what you get.


  • Extreme value that over delivers
  • Classic Approach that tells a tale of life and the good times
  • My go to mixer
  • not trying to oversell with marketing
  • Champagne taste on a shoestring budget


  • Will be overshadowed by Multi Million Dollar Brands

Twelve Angry Gins are a collection of a dozen gins that are up against each other for our Seal of Approval.