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Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin Review

Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin brings a wonderful sort of greatness in a glass without gimmicks, marketing, or advertising.

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Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin

Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin

“Madison Avenue”

¬†Gentleman, This is Gin. Heightened to a new¬†sophistication in development and execution. In a state of pure uninhibited¬†euphoria. I enjoy this gin because it doesn’t get any gimmicks to drink it and is a wonderful accent to Yahara Bay’s Portfolio.¬†¬†

The ability to team up with Death’s Door show’s respect in the industry with an established brotherhood of honor. While I didn’t care for Death’s Door as much, I felt that there was something here as many people on the site share an affinity for it. With that said, raise your glasses for respect and admire this marvelous gin.

It’s straight and to the point with common ground shared in the realm of martini land, and I have enjoyed quite a clever conversation sipping on this classic fantasy meets reality match made in heaven.

As you drink Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin, you can’t help but look at the bottle, examining the capital on it’s high horse, showcasing where deals are made with people who don’t like each other. It’s the world of politics baby!

Being an elected official, I can respect this “Politician’s Gin” as long as it’s not tainted by the offset corruption of vermouth. Do this gin justice and drink it straight, the way GOD intended us to drink it.


  • Eccentric in it’s own special way
  • Brings a certain sense of Sophistication back to Gin
  • Pleasant Compliment to conversation
  • Would make James Bond Cry
  • Good Ole Boy Gin
  • Will this be the Gin to be shared with the World?

Yahara Bay Extra Dry Gin


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Rehorst Gin Review

Rehorst Gin brings you back to the bar for the first time alive with flavor and energy.

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Rehorst Gin

rehorst gin

“Warrior Gin”

Whether your first bar experience was either good or bad, Rehorst gin brings you back. There’s an ignition factor here full of drive and determination, and action is riding shotgun. I could honestly see this gin being a front runner for creating situations with stories to be told around the campfire or in the office.

A masculine aroma that shows you just what it takes to be a man, from the Fonz to Conan. Lemon, cardamon, and anise remind me of a combination of colognes you might take wind of in a pub. It’s a compliment to an overly perfumey style other gins seem to emulate.

Rehorst Gin has enough gusto to go the extra mile in any situation.

I want you to dig deep, and think about your first situation with gin, whether it was pleasant or forgettable. Now imagine a clean slate, where you get to do it over again one more time. The citrus here is definitely increased to the point where you follow through with lemon flavor coating your mouth, and orange peel following suit.

Made in Milwaukee should be ringing through your ears as you drink this gin. It’s full of people just as crazy as you are, and seems to have just enough excitement to keep you coming back from more. Milwaukee is not only know for their beer, their gin is starting to make traction.¬†


  • Not quite a London Dry and not quite a genever
  • Excitement of crowd atmosphere in a single glass
  • Ginseng¬†treats¬†your mind, body and spirit
  • Unique¬†ingredients¬†that make you turn your head
  • Made in Milwaukee
  • Don’t Jump the Shark
rehorst gin

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Back River Gin Review

Back River Gin is a soft spoken gin that delivers the right amount of blueberries and spice.

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Back River Gin

back river gin


“True Blue”

Normally, when someone describes a gin as spicy, you could get apprehensive about the spice overwhelming the experience. Not so here, as Back River Gin is a perfectly balanced spirit right for any occasion.

My overall excitement left me wanting more each time the glass was empty, as it has a haunting effect similar to eating food in Hades.

You just don’t want to leave this magical place known as Back River Gin.

As I sat in front of my computer, listening to the rain drops from the sky, and echoes of traffic behind me, I completely forgot I was even doing a review. This gin has a certain presence about it, that wraps you in conversation and satisfaction.

It was something out of Blair Witch Sketches on the front of the bottle that lent me to be curious. And I thought to myself, how good can this get. Well, ladies and gentleman, it gets better and better after every single drop. Smiles started to come to my face as I could hardly believe how good this tasted. I think of this as a mutually benefiting experience that dazzles the senses and awakens the senses of the subconscious. 

Everything is right here. I’m excited that you are excited and dreams of Neverwinter Nights have a dramatic impact.

We give this Gin our Seal of Approval


  • Your Blueberry Gin has arrived
  • I can’t stop drinking this
  • Haunting Elegance with ancestral echoes
  • Do something Witchy
  • A Faerie Tale all in it’s own
  • Not sure where to get this ’round here. Looks like we need to take a vacation.

back river gin

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Juniper Green Organic Gin Review

Juniper Green Organic Gin spirits reach out and lead you down a sacred trail of Vitality. 

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Juniper Green Organic Gin

Juniper Green Organic Gin

“Green Mana”

Juniper Green Organic Gin brings you to the peaceful state of mind.

When I was able to experience the aroma, the first thing that came to mind was peering over a waterfall and feeling the refreshing embrace of life.

Juniper Green takes me back to my exploring days at Starved Rock, when I could admire the wonderment of nature and appreciate being untouched by mankind. It’s a spiritual solitude that everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime.

The taste comes to you like rich, earth soil filled with nutrients, there is no filtration here so you get an uncensored approach to gin that has never been offered before. It’s a bold move to take the extra steps to produce a gin so pure.

Indeed, there is a lingering taste that transforms into a feeling and a pure state of mind. I get a story of life and a new appreciation for organic  appetite.  I would be curious to know the story behind what drove the Juniper Green Organic Gin Distributor to support this product and reach out to me.

All in All, to take a London Dry Gin and make it organic takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, and with that knowledge, adds value. I admire the “stay the course”¬†attitude¬†with this¬†spirit, and I look forward to a warm reception green movement. A truly remarkable journey.


  • Earth Friendly
  • Sparks Imagination
  • Tells an incredible story
  • Not to be taken for granted
  • Definitely¬†Different
  • How do you convey value when someone has already made up their mind about gin?

Juniper Green Gin

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