Seneca Drums Gin Review

Seneca Drums Gin offers a unique spirtual moment to come to grips with New World Gin.

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Seneca Drums Gin

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Seneca Drums Gin has something for everyone.

It brings tradition to the table with a new way of light, similar to the partnership between a former VP of a Bank and an Alabama brewer and wine maker. I get a sense of Beer, which might be reminiscent of the days when spiciness met sweetness. After the gin has greeted your palate, black pepper and anise show up to linger away. Clove also brings me back to my roots, with cucumber tales of greatness. 

I view the experience behind¬†Seneca Drums Gin to be monumental because to get all these flavors to act right together is a marvelous feat. So much history is involved with Seneca Lake. F rom the trout capital of the world, to housing over 50 wineries, as well as having a supernatural appeal of “Seneca Drums” to which the Gin is named.

There’s a lot of substance here, with a wide¬†variety¬†of versatility and character. I also sense there are elements of peoples experience at Seneca Lake, which brought me back to my childhood. One can enjoy the great times to be had, and look forward to new beginnings.¬†

Seneca Drums Gin seems to have a youthful appeal to it with an over watching guardian, something that is hard to explain unless you have witnessed it first hand. Like mother goose keeping track of her flock.  I think the addition of 11 botanicals, pull of being able to satisfy new gin drinkers and traditionalist.  

I always learn something new by drinking Seneca Drums Gin, as it brings me back to my roots, yet allows me to keep an open mind. I like that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I feel more aware that the world has different views that I can be¬†accept ¬†and anticipate change to come.


  • Something old and new
  • Clove and cucumber are refreshing¬†ingredients
  • Great take on a classic spirit
  • There’s an aire of mystery here
  • Made from Scratch


  • This is not your elder’s gin.

 Seneca Drums Gin

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Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin Review

Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin brings you back to Original Sin.

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Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin

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“Flying Dutchman”

Candied Lemon, full ensemble of Citrus flavor but not overpowering, complimentary to the Dutch. Classic to the bone, perfect for citrus inspired cocktails. The Dutch have a softer approach with their Gin, not boisterous nor loud, rather sweet and sensual. Fine Artisan Crafting.

Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin brings back fond memories of drinking gin on warm summer nights, and telling stories that had a cast of characters,  just like the minimum 17 botanicals that go into making possibly one of the oldest gin recipes known. Keep in mind this is 5 times distilled, so they are sticklers for quality and clarity. Truly a recipe for pleasantness.

A gin and tonic reveals a slight¬†sophistication¬†and a tasty treat, you don’t even need a lime. There’s something magic in the air that pairs well with the night sky. Just holding the bottle embodies some sense of adventure, as having access to Amsterdam’s inner harbor lends itself secrets of herbs and wealth.

Taking a second aroma inhale reveals a presence of nutmeg, although hard to¬†decipher¬†given the shear volume of¬†entries. You really wonder what is the secret recipe that makes up¬†Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin. I do sense a bit of orange peel lending itself away. Angelica root ties everything together in a rainbow effect, a land of¬†happiness¬†where everyone just get’s along. This is easy to drink, letting bygones be bygones, and everyone goes home safe. It’s like a chef’s cupboard with tons of flavor at his disposal.

Look elsewhere if you want big juniper taste, as the botancials quickly overcome your senses and take you to a land of pure bliss. A refreshing alternation to traditional london dry gins and gives us insight to what the dutch can do.


  • 17 botanicals for complexity
  • Works on it’s own or in cocktails
  • 5 times distilled¬†immaculate
  • Makes you want to explore the world
  • Citrus Ensemble¬†


  • If you’re looking for juniper, look elsewhere…
Damrak Amsterdam Original Gin

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Dry Fly Gin Review

Dry Fly Gin promises good things to those who wait.

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Dry Fly Gin

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Take two fishing buddies, add apples, alcohol, and a 105 year old farm house and you get Dry Fly Gin.

I like when someone tries something completely unorthodox and new, that gives there perception of what gin should taste like. 

Gin making is much more challenging than vodka because of the botanicals. Include that all botanicals are organic and from Washington state and you have a very interesting recipe.

Apples, hops, lavender, mint and wheat; making there own spirit base, and I heard a rumor that the spirit changes as it gets colder.

I tried Dry Fly Gin in a rocks glass with spring water ice cubes, to see if the legends are true; the coldness tended to bring out an intensity that I was not familiar with. As I prefer drinking my spirits neat, at room temperature, since I feel there is a purity to them not to be hidden or masked. 

Dry Fly Gin takes time to enjoy as it was 18 months to get the permission to distill in the state of Washington. I believe taking time to enjoy this product reflects the time it took to create such a different gin. It lends itself a better understanding, and not to be taken for granted. My mystery reveals to where would I drink Dry Fly Gin?

I brainstormed ideas to make an appletini reference in my video review, and thought of ways to compliment this gin :) I would start with a glass of ice in a high ball glass, and add 5 ounces of apple juice from a juice. Since the apple used is Fuji Apple from Washington, I would start with that and enjoy. When in doubt, go with fruit, and go fresh.

On a closer examination, I tried eating a granny smith apple with Dry Fly Gin, and I found hints of¬†cinnamon¬†coming through with each bite and sip, a nice compliment that you normally wouldn’t think of with gin.¬†Once I let the Ice melt on this gin, and dilute it’s mixture, it became quite consumable.


  • When Gin and Fishing Collide
  • Spin Doctor Gin
  • Organic Washington Botanicals make us happy
  • Try Mixing with Fruit
  • Invigorating


  • Will you give this gin the time to let the ice melt and enjoy it?

 Dry Fly Gin

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Beefeater 24 Gin Review

¬†Beefeater 24 is a pleasure to drink whether you’re reflecting on the day or just getting started.¬†

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Beefeater 24

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“Union Jack is Back.”

A sense of relaxation comes over from entitling oneself to take in the swift aroma of Beefeater 24. I see men marching and Big Ben chiming in, all while flying first class British Airways.

Beefeater has always been a traditional¬†London¬†Dry Gin, and Beefeater 24 brings a modern twist on a timeless classic. The tea and grapefruit¬†ingredient¬†add character and depth, with complexity not found in any other gin on the market. This is a lot to say since just the right delicate touch of citrus not only compliments the aroma but also the taste and finish. It’s balance and streamlined enough to make the royal guard blush.

It’s¬†versatile¬†enough to be mixed with anything or enjoyed neat. It bring’s me back to my early years in college when we go out mid day to socialize and experience what life has to offer: Fun, laughs and good stories.

There is a coolness about Beefeater 24, much like James Bond, that you simply can’t get enough of… a very rewarding gin and open’s doors to the concept “Tea Party.” You can always make something better which can result in¬†exciting and unexpected outcomes with Beefeater 24.

As I have reviewed gin before, this seems to be one of the easiest gins to review because it’s so likable, approachable, and pleasant; it’s done right, with the correct amount of¬†fineness¬†and finish to keep you coming back for more. Think of it as a new¬†acquaintance¬†you feel you have known all your life, a little bit of Deja Vu brought on by the smell of satisfaction.

Beefeater 24 brings new¬†ingredients¬†to a traditional model and it works. The tea allows us to dip into realms of uncharted territories and be creative in today’s¬†society. I love how fun this gin is, as it opens doors to new things, and reunites old favorites together from different corners of the world. Beefeater 24, made in¬†London, and made for the world to enjoy.



  • Versatile on it’s own
  • Brings a new vision to the world of gin
  • Get your cocktails ready
  • Thinks on it’s feet
  • Full of Satisfaction


  • How can you make this better?

Beefeater 24

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No.3 London Dry Gin Review

No.3 London Dry Gin brilliantly combines over three centuries of tradition to deliver something truly remarkable.

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No.3 London Dry Gin

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“Holla Back Holland”

What can be said of another London Dry Gin, it’s been done, time and time again. Many enthusiasts have shied away from flattery and gone onto other “New Age Gins.”¬†¬†I want you to stop what you are doing right now, and grab a bottle of No.3 London Dry Gin.

Words can’t describe what’s going on here, as No.3 London Dry Gin is Distilled in Holland, business run in London, and imported into San Diego. There’s so much going on here, it’s hard to keep track, but rest assorted you will enjoy the ride.

Vapors of pleasantness fill the nose, and it is not over powering at all but just right, like your favorite pair of gloves giving you the perfect fit. I love the soft delicate vibrance No.3 London Dry Gin gives me as I hold on just enough to have the grapefruit greet me at the door.

It’s just blended perfectly as the majority of your experience can be deciphered by inhaling the pleasant aroma of this Hallmark Gin. I feel everything was done right here, as my interpretation is a proud¬†sponsor¬†in a connoisseur¬†collection.

Normally, bottles can be gimmicky and tend to outshine their contents, Not so with No.3 London Dry Gin, the design enhances it.

I view this experience as a 5 star hotel that is a once in a life time adventure, full of status quo and relaxation. 

No.3 London Dry Gin has enough bite and character to be playful, yet enough sophistication to be versatile in mixing, sipping, or slugging.

We give this Gin our Seal of Approval


  • The New Standard of London Dry Gin
  • Your Reputation Precedes You
  • 6 botanicals find harmonic bliss
  • Simple, Elegant, and Memorable
  • You won’t be sorry for buying this gin


  • In an age where London Dry is starting to be overshadowed by New Age Gin, Can this be the Gin to bring us back to our roots?
No.3 London Dry Gin

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