Darnley’s View Gin Review

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Darnley’s View

<strong>Darnley's View</strong>

Darnley's View Gin arrives as something different by adding elderflower to the mix. 

As I drink this gin, I have visions of a courtyard with alcoves revealing each of the hidden botanicals. It seems to suggest Rapunzel trapped in a tower, her long blonde hair, flowing in the wind outside the window. ¬†Brother’s Grimm tells a story just like this gin, and I’m sure there is much more to the tale than what is told.

I don’t get much of anything with the nose, some suggest juniper which maybe there, but for the most part it leads my¬†curiosity¬†to the tasting. This gin called a london dry seems more mellow and that might be to their¬†proprietary¬†recipe with softer scotch notes. ¬† ¬†

This gin takes a softer approach, which is a delicate dialect that is not over bearing or loud, but a simple whisper that is soothing and calm. ¬†There are hints of lemon peel here, and I suspect Darnley’s Gin takes the fear out of London Dry by offering it’s audience a¬†relaxed¬†approach to gin. It’s a nice change from other gin’s that go over the top with overwhelming flavor profiles that make you feel like a sock in the jaw. Some people enjoy that intense feeling while other’s look for a gentle experience.

Complimenting ways to bring out elderflower creativity, look no further, as I would much rather see this gin being used in cocktails that consumed straight. It’s always interesting to see the¬†interweaving¬†of Scot’s and Brits, taking a concept and working together to produce their variation of gin.

Darnley’s Gin gives us something we have been yearning for: a light version that allows us with a choice and gives us a whole new insight on botanical blends.


  • Light Touch
  • Simple Mix
  • Cocktail Creations
  • Opens the doors to gin curious
  • Not Overwhelming


  • If soft whispers don’t persuade you, look elsewhere.

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Tanqueray London Dry Gin Review

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Tanqueray London Dry Gin

<strong>Tanqueray</strong> Gin

Tanqueray is a gin that is available everywhere, and chances are if you have had gin before, it might of been Tanqueray.

¬†Now the downside to tanqueray is that people that have tried and didn’t like it usually stop right there. The term “Mother’s Ruin” applies here, I can hear your mother saying “Don’t ever drink gin, because gin will make you sin.”

Tanqueray has a place in my heart because I associated it with good times in the club and a growing period in my life. Who can forget the¬†proverbial¬†TnT, Tanqueray and Tonic, that is just refreshing,¬†sophisticated¬†and yummy. I love the elegance and¬†exquisiteness¬†that becomes you as the spirit is enjoyed neat. The true identity comes through and it has some getting used to, but when it does the word “Wow” escapes the lip. Most people dodge out too early and discount Tanqueray as simply pine sap.

Now that the quality of gin has improved and people are no longer making it in their bathtub,(so I hope), I look forward to the next creation, while still remaining humble. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing, and I feel people that have been drinking gin for decades drink Tanqueray. I wonder how you market to a younger crowd now that the amount of gin has increased from what it was ten years ago. I have respect for Tanqueray and admire the long stretch of continuing success. Finding new cocktails to compliment the flavor profile would be very enlightening and I love the ability to look at things from new eyes.¬†

Going to the actual distillery would open my eyes to more history and tradition. Let’s heighten my appreciation to see how it all happens behind the scenes and view the technical aspects of start to finish. I always love hearing the story behind how things are created.


  • Time honored tradition
  • Powerhouse of gins
  • Gives you a reason to come back
  • More appreciation with age
  • Classic Gin


  • Will Tanqueray ever make a new gin?
Tanqueray Gin

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Gin Mare Review

Gin Mare breaks new boundaries in the world of gin.

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Gin Mare

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“New Gin at Sea”

Very rarely do I get as excited about a gin as Gin Mare. Excited is an understatement, this gin is in, and brings more to the table with each sip. Such a unique combination of¬†ingredients, there is nothing quite like it ever, and it works well. Normally, I would be apprehensive with the extra involvement of citrus in a gin, but Gin Mare takes every¬†botanical¬†together under one roof, and blends them to perfection. You have not lived life, until you’ve experienced Gin Mare.

On initial thought when you see the bottle of Gin Mare, you know there is something special here. I love the size of the bottle that makes it easy to pour, and I can use the cap to produce servings to a thirsty crowd. There is great contrast here in the respect that we can see the liquid yet beautiful markings are displayed on the front. Awesome texture when you feel the bottle in your hand, pure quality and great blue tint remind me of the sea.

When you have the opportunity to intake the aroma of Gin Mare, you will be delighted; There is a little bit of the sea here, as well as peppery notes with rosemary and thyme, this is a¬†Mediterranean¬†Musical. Leading into the first taste, we get what we have been waiting for,¬†Rosemary,¬†Basil,¬†Thyme and¬†Arbequina Olive as well as Juniper. I feel like Gin Mare is a Mediterranean¬†cuisine, put in a bottle and presented by a world class chef. ¬†I always look forward to seeing what Gin Mare has to bring. It’s so different and so unique, with cooling and refreshing afterthoughts that tingle the tongue and heighten the senses.

It’s very rare that I find a gin I fall in love with at first sight. Gin Mare delivers such a completely different take that it’s hard to not be the talk of the town.

We give this Gin our Seal of Approval


  • Instantly¬†transports you to a whole new world
  • Now I know what I’ve been missing
  • Worthy of Bottle Service
  • Brilliant¬†execution of¬†ingredients
  • You will love this gin


  • What is the next step for Gin Mare?
Gin Mare

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Bombay Dry Gin Review

Bombay Dry Gin saves the Queen.

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Bombay Dry Gin

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“White Queen”

Often overshadowed by it’s Blue Brother, Bombay Dry Gin has earned respect among the gin community as a classic London Dry Gin. More juniper taste, and a peppery aroma, Bombay Dry Gin lends memories of classic¬†British¬†tradition, that will leave with an English accent at the end of the glass.

Bombay Dry Gin makes me think there is more to offer in the world. It start’s complex and drifts away with lingering burn in the month, makes you think of sophistication and¬†inebriation¬†all at the same time. It’s a gin that can’t be denied a place in history as well as any bar, as some might use this as their well gin. Lemon peel is present here as deep inhalation is take aback and¬†analyzed.

Bombay Dry Gin has the uncanny ability to let your thought process go to ¬†a deeper level, it’s a thinker’s gin, with beautiful remarks of vapor dreams. In these visions, you would have the remarkable insight to believe there is a way to make gin better. Take what you know and proceed to produce a volume of suggestions, recipes and refinement.

Now, it’s not always how you can make things better, but different. This is illustrated in Bombay Sapphire, as well as Bombay Sapphire East, which bring in two additional¬†ingredients¬†to counteract the sweetness of American Tonic Water. Keep in mind good gin is up to speculation as all of our palates are different. It would explain why some like chocolate, and others enjoy vanilla.¬†


  • Let’s people understand the start of gins
  • See how much gin has evolved
  • Opens the Door to new things
  • Classic London Dry Gin
  • Nice to see more than just Juniper


  • How would you make Bombay Dry Gin different?

Bombay Dry Gin

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