Organic Nation Gin Review

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Organic Nation Gin

Organic Nation Gin

Alexandrian Solution

Organic Nation Gin provides the remedy to a misconception that all gin is forgettable. 

I love teaching Alcohol Drinkers that there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to gin. One way to do this is by showing how each gin is different from another gin.

Since seasoned drinkers have stockaded a long illustrious collection of exotic drinks and devastation, it’s normal for experimentation of ill-prepared mortals to venture into the great abyss of juniper land.

Now, more that ever, Organic movement is not only being used to illustrate uniqueness with brands but also build a loyal following of hipsters that believe The world is our oyster. Organic Favorite Gin has focused on quality and craftsman’s ship with their “Buy Oregon” message.

What I like about Organic Nation Gin is that it makes me curious about what more Oregon has to offer.

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What makes Organic Nation so special? For one it’s fun to drink, as this review progressed, I was constantly recharged with each sip and gave me a traveler’s sense of adventure. Made me want to play a virtual reality version of Oregon Trail.

Second, Cucumber, coriander and citrus notes translate into soothing, eye opening, and refreshing senses of pleasure; I like the pure thoughtful nature of this gin, makes me want to indulge my self with learning more about the quality Oregon brings to the table.

Organic Nation Gin is a gateway to all things good. Organic Rye, wheat, and corn give all the balance you need to produce worthy products in the world of gin



  • Organic Pure Product
  • Soothing Aftertaste
  • Gives the impression of fun
  • Traveling¬†Souvenir
  • Perfect Pairing to outdoor adventure


  • Why buy the vodka when you can have this?
Organic Nation Gin

Things don’t get much better than this.

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Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin Review

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Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin


Plain Jane Gin

Greenall’s Gin has been around for over a quarter of a¬†millennium, making it tick like a Timex, and one of the reasons for this is consistency. I like the hipster website design where something old is new again and Greenall’s rocked out with a extended cocktail list that can be found here.

One item of expression that drew me to Greenall’s is that there is an uproar in the community split on the diversity of quality in this product. While some believe it is a great value, other’s tend to agree, not so fast.

My initial intake of Greenall’s is that they have to constantly reinvent themselves due to the overwhelming increase in competition. ¬†This is a challenge because how to sustain your current customer base while bringing on new¬†clientele.

Let’s back up and realize that Greenall’s incorporate as a business the same year the Gin Distilling in England 1761. Let’s also realize a raging inferno in 2005 only shut down production for 5 days. 7 master distillers have held the reigns for over 250 years, and right now Joanne Moore is in control.

Tasting is simmered down, well in control of a G rated party. There’s nothing here to knock your socks off, but rather allow yourself to unwind without awakening the spirits.

Imagine you are at a party and there are a dozen sorority¬†sisters, all looking the same, there is no¬†differentiator. I get that vibe from Greenall’s, not that it is a bad thing, rather I’m looking for more.

For other’s, Consistence is a pleasant atmosphere of involvement and people tend to like what to expect. My intentions would be that the wow factor would come from the cocktails not just the gin. This is where I struggle since I allow the spirit itself to carry me off on my own, and I don’t get that sensation here alone.

What I would endorse, would be the wide allocation of cocktails apparent on the website, which allow this gin to serve as a baseline to exploration. Even the glasses that demo the ability to mix well will make the curiosity grow.


  • Great Baseline for Cocktails
  • Consistent
  • Plays well with others
  • Won’t knock your socks off
  • Mellow Flavor


  • Plain Jane Personality may not be for some
Greenall's Gin

Green is a good color on you.

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Barr Hill Gin Review

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Barr Hill Gin

Bar Hill Gin

Barr Hill Gin brings a sort of wonderment to small craft distilling.

Barr Hill Gin would easily win the best smelling in High School Year Book awards. You all know the one women that when she enters the room and heads turn, because you smell her before you see her. Pure. Clean. True. 

The Honey added to Bar Hill Gin takes the edge off the first impression that has been left with regretful gin drinkers.  I beckon you, for all that have scorned at gin and never to try it again. Bar Hill Gin deserves a second look, and this is the gin the will bring a new audience to the table.

While I review this gin, images of cocktails race across my brain, focused on honey and lemon amplification. I had come up with a cocktail that used Bar Hill Gin, Honey, Lemon Juice and Spring water, think of it as a where the Margarita Goes on Vacation.

Looks like has perfected BEE’S KNEES

I also devised Vermont Breakfast; Three measures of Bar Hill Gin; one of Bakon vodka; half a measure of Sapling Maple Liquer. Shake it over ice, and add a Honey Comb.

There is a lively sense of fun in brainstorming new cocktails, brings a creative edge because this gin is so different, so special, and unique.

I’m not always crazy about cocktails because there is a message in a bottle that the producer of Spirits intend you to see. I feel that this message is lost when drowned out with sugar, additives, and junk. ¬†Not so fast here, the cocktail sheet, makes me think differently, especially with the drink Bar Hill Gin Shrub, served at Claire’s Restaurant, Hardwick, VT.¬†

I have never consumed a Gin this fast before, because I know a good thing when I see it. As I continue learning about Farmer’s Footprint’s making the best fertilizer, I continue to raise my glass and pour some more.

This is a perfect gift in addition to ordering Honey from Todd, who will take care of you.

We give this gin our Seal of Approval

Cocktail Creators: Start your Engines!


  • Gives Sincere Appreciation for Farmers
  • Nothing Else like it on Earth
  • Cocktail Creation
  • Sky is the limit
  • Support Local Community


  • I’m almost out.
Bar Hill Gin

Welcome to Pure Bliss


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Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin Review

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Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin

Rear Admiral Joesph's Original London Dry Gin-Scaled Bottle

Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin is the best value in gin today.

It’s hard to go wrong with Trader Joe’s these days, projected a selection of products only found in their store.

I like this as it reflects upon a poor man’s Costco.

My initial first impress of¬†Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin would that it would be good, although after researching on the web, it seems that W.J. Stillman LTD, having a direct connection to Loch Lomond Distillery¬† knows what they are doing when it comes to spirits.

I can equate the aroma to Le Male by¬†Jean Paul Gaultier¬†it’s pleasant, powdery notes hum a certain sort of rhythm¬†that compliments the case of Two Buck Chuck you picked up. ¬†Persuasive notes of indulgence are here, as the lowest ranking admiral signals to hit the high seas.

It’s certainly smooth with a certain mineralistic quality about it that echoes the shores of Scotland. I’m not complaining about this 7 dollar special.¬†

What I enjoy about this gin is that Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of mixers, especially their juices that compliment their spirits fully. Your party is now complete with this gin added to the mix. Shout out to¬†Trader Joe’s Heart of Darkness Mango Passion Fruit Blend with rum, and you won’t be disappointed. You will be educated with Francis Ford Coppola, ¬†But I helped him drink his wine. He always had some mighty fine wine, sing it.

Wrapping up,¬†Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin deserves a second look, as I am increasingly pleased with the pure value Trader Joe’s bring. If you are mixing or sipping dry, I can think of no better pleasing of the masses than¬†Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin. While this is no RAJ, it must¬†certainly¬†will do by bring a classic to the dinner table or Helm.


  • Best Mixing Gin I’ve seen
  • Poor Man’s Beefeater
  • One Stop Shop
  • From Cradle to Grave
  • LAND HO!


  • On my third glass, and still going strong.
Rear Admiral Joseph's Original London Dry Gin


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Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin 110 Proof Gin Review

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Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin 110 Proof Gin

Old Raj Blue Label

Old Raj Gin is unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

And that’s a good thing…

According to Cadenhead’s Website, the oldest¬†independent¬†bottler of spirits, Established 1842.

They are Sticklers for Perfection and want only the best, which is a justifiable reason to use the worlds most expensive Spice: Saffron. 

Most of the world’s Saffron production comes from Iran, and just to yield a pound requires up to 75,000 flowers.

This is the taste of Prestige and Royalty, and you will feel like a king when you drink Old Raj Gin.

I want you to stop right now and repeat to yourself, “I’m worth it.” As this was the theme going through my mind when I consumed Old Raj Gin. Things slow to a crawl and a time to relax is Upon us. It is required to realize that in no means should you be rushed when enjoying yourself, and extra special care needs to be payed attention to the atmosphere of enjoyment.

What I really admire about Old Raj Gin is that it’s brought a new understanding and given me an opportunity to appreciate my work in understanding gins. The greatest assest is time, and I don’t think many people have the situation to sit down at a bar for hours and enjoy a single serving of Old Raj Gin. ¬†So then now we are limited to endowments into the company of our own home. And it has to be enjoyed with others, so more careful planing and thought go into this¬†ceremonial¬†experience.

This cannot be rushed and has to be embraced in all avenues of understanding. I would argue that the american people to drink a gin, straight, at their own speed, would be hard pressed to be found a common thing.

I recall when I went into an upscale bar, specializing in craft beer and fine spirits, and ordered gin neat. The Bartender exclaimed, ” I’ve been¬†bartending¬†for 12 years, and I have never served gin straight.” To which I replied, ” You’ve never heard of”

Cadenhead’s Old Raj Gin bring a certain level of control that is best served straight. Taking the pure essence for what it’s worth is where it’s at.¬†

We give this gin our Seal of Approval

Bravo! Jolly Good Show!


  • Magnificent
  • Brilliant
  • Exquisite
  • Intriguing
  • You Deserve It


  • Not a pickup and go gin.
Old Raj Gin

Let’s Party!

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