Logo and Header Contest for Ginreviews.com

We are running a contest for a Logo Design and Header for Ginreviews.com :


$300 Dollars cash and  a bottle of our Gin of the Month(if the winner is under 21, the bottle will be given to the winner’s patron who is over 21)

Your website will be added to the links on our site, as well as a blog article on our site,  showcasing your design and business.

We also will allow the option of having a Video Interview to promote yourself and your business. This will depend on distance, as video conferencing may be an additional option. We want to promote your business and help you gain awareness and publicity.


We invite all Graphic Designers to compete for this contest

You can submit your Logo Design and Header by signing up as a member of Ginreviews.com, and posting your images on the forums under contests, Logo and Header Contest for Ginreviews.com


The Winner will be chosen on the following Criteria

  • Originality
  • Theme
  • Functionality

A logo and header must be submitted by April 30th to be considered, header needs to be exactly 1250 Ă— 125 pixels

The guidelines for Logo and Header Contest for Ginreviews.com :

1. A Quality Logo Should Be Easy Rendered On All Possible Media

2. Avoid Shadows, Highlights Or Gradients

3. Should Look Well In Black & White Format

4. Few Colors And Few Fonts

5. KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid

6. Make It Recognizable

Judging will take place a winner will be announced on the site, and contact by email/phone.

In the event of a tie, a Tiebreaker will be created to determine the winner. If a winner is not selected, the contest will be extended until a winner is determined.

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Justin Kline owns and operates Ginreviews.com, a gin reviews website and is best know for his article "What is the Best Gin"?

Questions and Comments are always welcome.