There Can Be Only One

The following Criteria was in place for the logo and header contest:

  • Originality
  • Theme
  • Functionality

The guidelines for Logo and Header Contest for :

  • A Quality Logo Should Be Easy Rendered On All Possible Media
  • Avoid Shadows, Highlights Or Gradients
  • Should Look Well In Black & White Format
  • Few Colors And Few Fonts
  • KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Make It Recognizable

This was tough as all the entries showed off the creative style that the judges loved but in the end, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

This isn’t a beauty contest, it’s a logo contest.

Based upon the following criteria, the one that followed the rules the best according to the guidelines was

Not only does the Logo spell out “gin” it also spells out “cjn” which stands for chuck, justin, and neil.

We thought that this enhanced the criteria and was able to display an organic ownership.

Thank you to all that submitted your work, We Salute YOU!

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