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bluecoat gin

“The BlueCoats Are Coming”


American’s are Loud, Proud, and full of Vigor, and Bluecoat Gin does not disappoint. Boasting a Gin that is as breathtaking as it’s bottle, it has the spiciness of sass, and a simple yet elegant appeal that would fit perfectly into any situation. We just can’t say enough about Bluecoat Gin which has an unmistakable presence in any establishment.

On the nose, Bluecoat Gin is a pleasant aroma of citrus cookies, almost like a desert you look forward to once a year, because it’s that special. A must have delicacy that is worth triple the price, maybe more. A hallmark in gin creation. Think of your favorite candy all wrapped up into one, i think of my mom’s lemon powder cookies baked just in time for Christmas to welcome home our troops.

Truly an experience to be hold is with the taste, which welcomes with an all organic splendor of Citrus blist, you get starbursts, lemonheads, lemon drops, and a handshake that welcomes you to the big leagues. There’s enough sweetness to keep you curious, but not enough to overwelm you.  As firery pepper artillery cannons  reflect this Nation’s heritage as Fireworks in my mouth.

We become excited talking about Bluecoat gin as the aroma alone is enough to sell you. If you have never had the opportunity to try this, you need to. Use the map on the Bluecoat Gin website, to track down a bottle.

We give this Gin our Seal of Approval


  • A remarkable innovation in Gin
  • Dessert as the main course
  • Worth Killing someone over
  • American Pride in a Bottle
  • Bluecoat gin not only met our expectations, it exceeded them.


  • UPC sticker on back of bottle has to go

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  1. I had the privilege of being part of the tasting panel that helped create Bluecoat. Tasted a number of candidates as they were fine-tuning the botanical profile. The one thing I noticed most was that they all were deadly smooth: the craftsmanship in distilling is first-class. I was just as glad to find a flavor profile leaning towards the citrus side, though there’s clearly an appropriate amount of juniper there as well.

    • Matt,

      We appreciate your input because it’s a reflection of how you personally feel about Bluecoat. We are glad we are not the only ones who feel this was a Gin a cut above the rest, which is why we awarded Blue coat our “Ginreviews Seal of Approval”

      We would to here more about your experiences about Bluecoat and the story behind the creation.


  2. I totally disagree with your assessment of this gin and feel like I wasted $30. A couple friends and I did a tasting of several gins and agreed Bluecoat is almost a vodka, that’s how tasteless it is. But I guess that’s what you like, or maybe your palate is far more refined than mine. If you’re gonna drink gin, it should taste like a gin! Give me Westbourne Strength Martin Miller *any* time!

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