Bombay Sapphire Gin Review

Bombay Sapphire enters into an oily context followed by long trails of spice, like one would see from smoke trails of a fine cigar.

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Bombay Sapphire

“Star of Bombay”

An Aroma of Atmosphere has me wondering where has all this smokiness gone with Bombay Sapphire. Deep Breaths utter a class and style accompanied with smoothness. We know that the name Bombay was a result of a number of leading Madison Avenue Agencies played off each other in a competitive process. And compete is what Bombay does, as a distinct bottle of the Star of Bombay, a blue star sapphire, which the name derives from.

Queen Victoria greets you on the bottle, letting you know the prestige that present you with ten ingredients all listed on the sides of the bottle. What’s unique to this process is that Bombay Sapphire is Vapor Distilled. The alcohol vapors pass through a mesh containing the ten botanicals, in order to gain it’s essence.

The result of this process creates a lighter, more floral gin rather than a punch in the face. Think of it like easing into a pair of English leather driving gloves designed especially for you. The term ” Fit’s like a glove” applies here to Bombay Sapphire.

You don’t get an overpowering Juniper taste from Bombay Sapphire, but more of a magic carpet ride of the botanicals which help balance and lift the gin into a new domain.

Think of this as a genie in a bottle, making all your wishes come true. The balance allows versatility to be announced and invites all mixologist’s to take their creative edge, and come up with something truly spectacular with Bombay Sapphire.

Lemon Peel is present but all the others are balanced so well you get a little bit of everything. From the Licorice to the Almond, you have a wealth of choices. Cassia Bark from “Indo China”, Coriander seeds from Morocco, and angelica from Saxony.

Bombay Sapphire enters into an oily context followed by long trails of spice, like one would see from smoke trails of a fine cigar. Spice on the back on of your tongue, beckoning you to drink more to cool it off. Mixtures of hot and cold would perfectly complement a lodge or the end of a business meeting gone well.


  • Great Balance
  • Versatile mixing
  • Availability
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Beautiful Bottle


  • Not a punch in the face Juniper Taste

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  1. A bit too weak in the flavor dept for me. Makes a kind of tasteless gin and tonic in my opinion

  2. If you mix this about 5:4 of Dr Pepper (not an off-brand) to the gin, it almost tastes like vanilla.

    I found that to be very odd. I actually use this one in something I’m still working that’s missing something. “Misanthropic Blood” – amounts I have not gotten exact but from most to least: Dr Pepper, Bombay Sapphire, Goldschläger, Grenadine (the one I used was made from cherry and pomegranate, but I am sure there are better ones, I just can’t get them living here). Not entirely sure if I should continue experimenting with that particular idea or not.

    Even though I’m not so fond of this one as I am the others, I actually don’t mind it and will drink it if nothing else is available. Aside from that, the only thing I really want to do with this is go all Alton Brown and try to find out what sort of strange flavour concoctions I can end up with.

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