Bulldog Gin Review

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“British Bulldog”

Just like the name implies, Bulldog is tough and can stand it’s own against any gin, what’s different about it as a Kosher Gin and uses unique ingredients such as  poppy and dragon eye.


It would be pretty difficult to mistake a bulldog in your neighborhood, just as seeing this bottle would be. Nicely Rounded to be gripped at any angle which allows for simple pours. The collar which compliments control, makes this a bartenders dream come true. The bottle is black as night adventures, as the white on the bottle tells you Business in the front, Party in the back.

The cap is just fun to unscrew, try it a few times, and you will see what we mean.


There’s a little bit of middle easter spice, it’s like you’re in the Sahara desert and you can smell the heat. And a bit of muskiness like a panther prowling its pray. The Night Stalker of Gin because it’s coming after all the other gins. Blue skys with relaxing fufillment let you stretch out on the beach, yacht or Caribbean cruise. I’m transported to the Rain forest to explore.


Very light kisses meet, almost elusive like you need to indulge yourself more just to make sure it’s real. This gin consumes you on entry, and starts off with not a bang, but a whisper. It’s enough to keep you curious and continue.


The enticing continues as you are whisked away with culture shock but it’s pleasant enough not to be shell shocked. I’m truly impressed and go for a second glass. Loyal to the entry and mid this journey continues.


Bulldog Gin just beckons for you to drink more. Proud and guarding your movement, it welcome you to do just that. No heavy aftertaste and smooth enough to remind you of when you were in your 20’s. It’s youth in a bottle

Final Thought: Bulldog Gin just keeps getting better the more you drink it. With it’s rain forest roots to the modern club scene, Bulldog gin can party with the best of them.


  • A party every time you drink it
  • Initiates the club scene with hints of exploration
  • Keeps tradition and ingenuity in balance
  • I keep going back for more
  • I just can’t get enough


  • Might confuse some people

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