Darnley’s View Gin Review

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Darnley’s View

Darnley's View

Darnley’s View Gin arrives as something different by adding elderflower to the mix. 

As I drink this gin, I have visions of a courtyard with alcoves revealing each of the hidden botanicals. It seems to suggest Rapunzel trapped in a tower, her long blonde hair, flowing in the wind outside the window.  Brother’s Grimm tells a story just like this gin, and I’m sure there is much more to the tale than what is told.

I don’t get much of anything with the nose, some suggest juniper which maybe there, but for the most part it leads my curiosity to the tasting. This gin called a london dry seems more mellow and that might be to their proprietary recipe with softer scotch notes.    

This gin takes a softer approach, which is a delicate dialect that is not over bearing or loud, but a simple whisper that is soothing and calm.  There are hints of lemon peel here, and I suspect Darnley’s Gin takes the fear out of London Dry by offering it’s audience a relaxed approach to gin. It’s a nice change from other gin’s that go over the top with overwhelming flavor profiles that make you feel like a sock in the jaw. Some people enjoy that intense feeling while other’s look for a gentle experience.

Complimenting ways to bring out elderflower creativity, look no further, as I would much rather see this gin being used in cocktails that consumed straight. It’s always interesting to see the interweaving of Scot’s and Brits, taking a concept and working together to produce their variation of gin.

Darnley’s Gin gives us something we have been yearning for: a light version that allows us with a choice and gives us a whole new insight on botanical blends.


  • Light Touch
  • Simple Mix
  • Cocktail Creations
  • Opens the doors to gin curious
  • Not Overwhelming


  • If soft whispers don’t persuade you, look elsewhere.

Darnley's View

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