Glenmore London Dry Gin Review

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“The Sangria of Gins”

When is the last time you had something that over-delivered? We are talking about a product for 6.99, also the number of the beast, that truly stands out as an All Star Value.

This product is Glenmore Gin, it mixes well with fruit juice and soft drinks, and we are dying to have it in a custom made Sangria.

You just taste pure value that could get you into a little trouble if you’re not careful, but that’s life. In these tough economic times when you have Champagne taste on a shoe string budget, look no further than Glenmore London Dry Gin.

It seems a little displaced ,which could be used to play off it’s loud range, and it has a little bit of chalkiness that reminds me of charcoal. Could be that it is coming from Bourbon Country and some of the charred oak rubbed off on it.

I’d be willing to go all the way with this gin in a mixed drink provided the other ingredients were of high quality and worked well together. This is the good ole boy gin, what you see is what you get.


  • Extreme value that over delivers
  • Classic Approach that tells a tale of life and the good times
  • My go to mixer
  • not trying to oversell with marketing
  • Champagne taste on a shoestring budget


  • Will be overshadowed by Multi Million Dollar Brands

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