Gordon’s Gin Review

Gordon’s Gin is the world’s best selling gin. And for that price, I can see why
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Gordon's gin

“James Bond’s Gin”

In the world of premium luxury gins, it’s often easy to take a sideline seat to the bigger boys. Let’s not forget that Gordon’s Gin is a Diageo product the same as Tanqueray. So although they are different products, they are indeed on the same team.

Huge aromatics going on here, and Gordon’s Gin

can be labeled as being overpowered by some. Not by me, keep them coming. Perfect as a mixer, or all on its own, by my standards.  But be warned, Gordon’s Gin is for the seasoned gin drinker, if you are not ready for it, Gordon’s Gin will devour you.

I couldn’t help but a connection to a lemon head, as a sipped Gordon’s Gin

writing this review. Traditional indeed is what I like. Although I have an affinity toward the classic English bottle design displayed below. Lemon presence but not to the point of sweetness with enough bitterness to let you know you are drinking gin. A true English gentleman, Gordon’s Gin, through and through.

Sweet like candy soothes my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.

This is the gin James Bond drinks, and if you want to be a 007 spy, this is where it’s at.

If you want a traditional London Dry Gin, this is the Gordon’s Gin for you.

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