G’Vine Nouaison Gin Review

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“French Flower”

This is the French Older woman. Not only does she have a mentality that can keep up with the best of them, she has the experience that yeilds it’s self to your new best friend. It’s a staple in French Culture, they age beautifully. Much like fine wine, this Nouaison Gin is no Exception. We are not worthy.

Grape Fed, all natural and exotic, this could quite controversially get your x and r’s mixed up, then you would just have a xr rare. But sorry  boys, she’s not Canadian.  So simple to drink and understand, it can get to 3am adventure’s, where you are sitting in a hot tub, and your buddy is hitting on your girl. Now what’s there not to love.

Delicate touch backed up by tradition and experience, you are in for the night of your life. Combining a killer body, with an influential mind, you have a recipe for an erotic escipade. Treading water and walking a fine line between the star of the show and secrets in the bedroom.

A challenge in reviewing this gin is keeping it all to yourself, you want you friends to know that effect of something special, yet you don’t want them to drink her dry. A creative balancing act indeed.

It’s an experience everyone should try just to know you’ve done it, yet don’t over indulge, coyote ugly in the morning can be a bitch.


  • intoxicating aroma of wanting wanting, needing, and satisfaction
  • mature, experienced, and unrivaled
  • Love the accent
  • Just trying to have a little fun
  • Hr and Marketing at it’s best


  • Can’t Take Home to Mom

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