Jackelope and Jenny Gin Review

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“Pear Street”

Everyone deserves a second shot and we wanted to see if there had been any improvements with Jackelope and Jenny Gin.


This time a white label is affixed onto the same bottle, with a wax dipped cork, that screams puzzle time. The string lends it’s self to cut through the opening and make way for the gin


Even when you open the bottle you can smell the sweet scent of pears. It’s nice but then is slowly taken away by the background of the water.


Sweetness of pears coats your tongue as it transforms into a sort of Cinnamon. Like baked pears with Cinnamon and brown sugar.


Pears still seem to overpower the Juniper and reminds us more of a pear flavored vodka, than a pear flavored gin.


Slight tingle at the end enough to number the mouth and lips, I feel like I was kissed by a Jackelope.

Final Thought: A slight Improvement over Jackelope Gin due to the mellowness of pears but there is still something missing.


  • Uses pear’s, one of my favorite fruit
  • Simple and Sweet
  • Heart’s in the right place
  • Non confrontational
  • Supports Colorado’s Camaraderie


  • We were looking for more.

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