No. 209 Gin Review

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“Clever Passion”

From the moment you invite the aroma of No. 209 gin in, purity, cleanliness, and godliness say hello at once. So clean is this aroma, that it reminds me of the time we went to the Kentucky Derby Hospital for an emergency pit stop. I smiled while thoughts of horses galloped through my noggin, reminding me I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I knew I was in good clean hands.

Distilled 5 times and it shows, the smell alone is cleaner than most vodkas that I have tried. Light Ambiance glow from the gin allows the possibilities to be endless, as we are confident this gin mixes with anything. Look out mimosa, there’s a new gin and juice in town.  The taste of the water comes through in this offering sanitation that would make clean room blush. That’s the amazing thing about these new gins, they are recognizing the importance of having a purified water source as their base for perfection. I caught a hint of mint in this gin as I tasted it, and upon further research this is ” mint-like caradamom” which balances with the juniper well. Reminds me of Wrigley’s chewing gum at a cub’s game. Big Smiles Indeed.

This is a fun gin, that is hip, natural and appeals to the vodka drinker more than the gin drinker. The cleanliness is what sets this apart from most gins, as you can tell the passion went into this product from start to finish.


  • Mixologist’s Dream Come True
  • Process of Gin Down to a Science
  • Soft Approach to Gin
  • Ignites the senses
  • Winemaker’s Passion


  • More potential for Mixed Drinks than Drinking alone

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