Rehorst Gin Review

Rehorst Gin brings you back to the bar for the first time alive with flavor and energy.

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Rehorst Gin

rehorst gin

“Warrior Gin”

Whether your first bar experience was either good or bad, Rehorst gin brings you back. There’s an ignition factor here full of drive and determination, and action is riding shotgun. I could honestly see this gin being a front runner for creating situations with stories to be told around the campfire or in the office.

A masculine aroma that shows you just what it takes to be a man, from the Fonz to Conan. Lemon, cardamon, and anise remind me of a combination of colognes you might take wind of in a pub. It’s a compliment to an overly perfumey style other gins seem to emulate.

Rehorst Gin has enough gusto to go the extra mile in any situation.

I want you to dig deep, and think about your first situation with gin, whether it was pleasant or forgettable. Now imagine a clean slate, where you get to do it over again one more time. The citrus here is definitely increased to the point where you follow through with lemon flavor coating your mouth, and orange peel following suit.

Made in Milwaukee should be ringing through your ears as you drink this gin. It’s full of people just as crazy as you are, and seems to have just enough excitement to keep you coming back from more. Milwaukee is not only know for their beer, their gin is starting to make traction. 


  • Not quite a London Dry and not quite a genever
  • Excitement of crowd atmosphere in a single glass
  • Ginseng treats your mind, body and spirit
  • Unique ingredients that make you turn your head
  • Made in Milwaukee
  • Don’t Jump the Shark
rehorst gin

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  1. One of my personal favorites… to me it’s a go to gin. I had a chance to meet the distiller in Milwaukee and he’s very cool. Makes all kinds of crazy spirits, including a pumpkin spirit and two different kinds of absinthe. To me, this is the definition of a “modern” style gin that takes it easy on the juniper and celebrates other characteristics. Brilliant martini.

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