Seagram’s Distiller’s Reserve Gin Review

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“Boilermaker Gin”

Boilermaker’s rejoice as this product is made with Indiana-Grown Grain, the bottle shows it’s true colors. Platinum Blonde Aroma of a Dance club; Let’s us see what the night has in store for us.

Slow sipping arrives to complement an after rush of flavor. There’s a Parade in my mouth, and I’m leading it!

Cool, calming night’s slip away relaxing in my hammock with a sweet smile of simplicity. Aged in Oak, smooths this delicious blend out, with silent hints of pleasure.

What makes this gin unique is that it is aged in oak as well as a vacuum distillation process. First, the oak aging process not only smooths out the gin, but gives it a light blonde color. Secondly, The unique distillation allows much lower temperatures which results in much flavors retained. This combination is a recipe for greatness.

Enough taste to provide refreshing tastes of reflection, and an eternal conversation of reinforcement. This is a relaxing gin to melt the night away, enough to carry yourself into a connection with chemistry.

It’s like climbing stairs, one step at a time, going through layers that compliment each other very nicely.

What Seagram’s offers is a railing, helping you climb each step of the way as illustrated on their textured bottle. There is no way you are going to drop this bottle, from the brightest day to the blackest night. Drum’s booming, trumpet’s blaring, scoring touchdowns, this gin is with you, everywhere you go.


  • Bottle You’ll Never Forget
  • Widely Available
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Perfect Party Mixer
  • #1 Selling Gin in the States


  • Hangover You’ll Never Forget

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