Seneca Drums Gin Review

Seneca Drums Gin offers a unique spirtual moment to come to grips with New World Gin.

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Seneca Drums Gin

Seneca Drums Gin

Seneca Drums Gin has something for everyone.

It brings tradition to the table with a new way of light, similar to the partnership between a former VP of a Bank and an Alabama brewer and wine maker. I get a sense of Beer, which might be reminiscent of the days when spiciness met sweetness. After the gin has greeted your palate, black pepper and anise show up to linger away. Clove also brings me back to my roots, with cucumber tales of greatness. 

I view the experience behind¬†Seneca Drums Gin to be monumental because to get all these flavors to act right together is a marvelous feat. So much history is involved with Seneca Lake. F rom the trout capital of the world, to housing over 50 wineries, as well as having a supernatural appeal of “Seneca Drums” to which the Gin is named.

There’s a lot of substance here, with a wide¬†variety¬†of versatility and character. I also sense there are elements of peoples experience at Seneca Lake, which brought me back to my childhood. One can enjoy the great times to be had, and look forward to new beginnings.¬†

Seneca Drums Gin seems to have a youthful appeal to it with an over watching guardian, something that is hard to explain unless you have witnessed it first hand. Like mother goose keeping track of her flock.  I think the addition of 11 botanicals, pull of being able to satisfy new gin drinkers and traditionalist.  

I always learn something new by drinking Seneca Drums Gin, as it brings me back to my roots, yet allows me to keep an open mind. I like that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I feel more aware that the world has different views that I can be¬†accept ¬†and anticipate change to come.


  • Something old and new
  • Clove and cucumber are refreshing¬†ingredients
  • Great take on a classic spirit
  • There’s an aire of mystery here
  • Made from Scratch


  • This is not your elder’s gin.

 Seneca Drums Gin

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  1. I am rather tantalised to try Senaca Drums now (I already had a hankering to sample it). Interesting what you say about the possibilities of the gin with mixers, in Uganda their gin is often mixed with Coca Cola (itself a sign of wealth) and I wonder how this would work with a good quality cola like the new one from Q (also a NY brand).

  2. Now I can’t say I’ve experienced anything close to transcendence while tasting this gin, but I can say this is among the more surprising gins I’ve tasted. With no reviews online [at the time] and no information, this unassuming [almost cheap looking] green bottle only called out to me because I call upstate NY my home. And I thought at least fair to give the gin made closest to my home a chance.

    I definitely can agree that it is unique and quite wonderful. Its almost a take on G’vine for the gin drinker in search of something a bit closer to the classic formula.

    David, if I had known you hadn’t had it, I could have brought you a sample back from Buffalo. My in-laws have a bottle of this in their house [for the holidays, of course!]

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