Tanqueray 10 Gin Review

At first, when you see the Tanqueray 10 bottle, green and red gleaming, you think Christmas. What could be better than Santa drinking gin while flying his sleigh?

Tanqueray 10

tanqueray 10

“Training Wheels”

Big Time Citrus, with floating thoughts of calmness through chamomile. A sleeper to serve to people who believe they do not like gin, because of Tanqueray 10’s softer scent and gentle touch.  Tastes sweet like Pure Valencia. A very sweet gin indeed for any gin drinker to try once, twice if they like it.

Adding all the sweetness and citrus may create sneering from traditionalists as they do their best to complement the juniper. Limes already added so no intentional mess with garnishes, and all in one package that explores the vary depths of what the land of citrus has to offer. Reminds me of a Fine English Lemon Candy.

Little to no blasting aromas when compared to more traditional gin’s. Training wheels are taken off once you’ve had a bunch of these. A good start to a marvelous journey of gin.

Tony Sinclair would be proud as you match him drink for drink and Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio. This is a sophisticated gin that takes a certain sense of elegance and would become the talk of the town. A proud addition to any party regardless of setting.

As I indulged myself in more Tanqueray 10,

I found myself enjoying it more due to the citrus characteristics opening up my senses so I could absorb more. Tanqueray 10 started to grow on me. And the longer I sipped the Tanqueray, the longer I enjoyed it.

I can see where F. Paul Palcut enjoys Tanqueray 10 so much from his Spirit Journal, but I think there is more to life than Tanqueray 10.

What do you think of Tanqueray 10, Let us know below.

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