Kline’s Korner #2: Swordfish Review

Klines Korner #2

Swordfish Review

207 North Randall Road
Batavia, IL 60510-9296
(630) 406-6463


I’ve never been a fan of seafood in general. When I was a younger, my family took many a trips to Florida for the summer, and yet I always ordered Popcorn Shrimp.  I suppose it was the fact that I always enjoyed Pepper and never Salt.  When you come close to drowing because your Father is trying to recreate a scene from Jaws, it’s safe to assume that you have a distaste for all things salty.

Fear not readers, I eat fish all the time on Sat-ur-day nights after my field trips to downtown Naperville.

However, it is with complex irony that I write a review about a Sushi restaurant off Randall Road titled Swordfish.

I recently invaded this establishment on a “whim date” with a young girl.

That is to say it was my last chance and I dressed to impress.

At first entrance, it seemed like the rest of the recent trendy Sushi houses of the Chi land.

The gentleman who seated us was quite awkward, handing us off to the owner. We chatted for a bit, commenting on how long they had actually been at this location.  She seemed nice, but came off as though she had been there to long during the days.

The lighting was dark, and intimate.

The mood was set. As usual, I stated that it was our first time there.

(Editors Note: This is to ensure that you receive great treatment, and that you seem in control of the situation infront of said girl. This will hopefully mean better finger banging later.)

At first glance, the menu is intimidating. Appetizers, beverages, and sweets are in their appropriate spaces, but the sushi rolls are named after teddy bears, dildos, and terrible action films staring Arnold and Bruce Willis.

When in doubt in Japanese steakhouses, crack a joke about the River Kwai and stick to meats you feel comfortable about.

Avoid Eel, anything with “special” sauce, and rolls ending in Mitsubishi.

Rolls named after states, the city you are currently in, and U.S. presidents are fair game.

Remember, sushi is filling, start slow and leave a menu at the table. Treat it like tapas.

And practice your chop stick skills, if all else fails, grab a fork. There is no need to become a neanderthal.

We aren’t left alone, and yet aren’t overly bothered with helpful staff.

When the food comes to our table, I notice the wonderful presentation. Everything on the plate is edible, save for the candle wrapped in a raddish peel. There’s your usual suspects such as the artistically cut apple, and the ginger arranged to mimick a rosebud.

I watch in agony as my date, a self proclaimed “sushi nut”, struggles mightily with her chopsticks. I propose a rubber band, to which she shrugs it off and gives it her best.

The rolls are crafted beautifully, and the shrimp tempura roll is especially delicious.  Strange enough, the roll was titled “Very Special Roll” to which I strongly recommend.  Playing it safe we dive into our California Rolls.  What stood out to me, aside from the presentation, was the sheer design of these said rolls.  For me, I loathe having a roll fall apart in soy sauce, becoming structurally unsound when travelling to your palette. However, none such problems arouse here.

The flavors were excellent, and we often fought over the last roll.

At this point in the meal, my water is being filled and I am enjoying the atmosphere immensly. The music of particular, is profound. It seems as though each sushi house has its similar qualities and yet differ from eachother.

Swordfish takes pride in its atmosphere, and the rolls truly are delicious and “special”.  A very creative take on Japanese food, and the pricing is reasonable.

In conclusion, it is a perfect sushi house off the normal trail of your typical cookie cutter suburban trendy locations.


Take a date there, enjoy a Sapporo, and enjoy the atmosphere.


Its affordable, and you might eat box afterwards.


I’ll see you before you see me.



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